Production site in Krasnyi Oktyabr industrial community

Founded in1964
Storage capacity25,000 tons
Grain reception capacity300 tons per hour
Shippingby road and railway

IE Koltashov O.A. expanded his business by purchasing a grain reception facility in Kossobrodsk in 2016. This facility allows for total flat-type grain storage of 25,000 tons of grain and oil crops.

The facility provides grain reception capacity of 300 tons per hour. Grains can be loaded for further shipping by railway and road. The production site has its own railway tracks and provides loading facilities for 6 freight wagons simultaneously.

It should be pointed out that while elevators in Vargashi and Lebyazhie industrial communities have all the necessary facilities for grain receiving, conditioning and drying, the production site located in Krasnyi Oktyabr (Kossobrodsk) industrial community allows for both grain and oil crop receiving, conditioning, drying and storage.

This grain reception site has a multipurpose natural gas fired drier C-40 "Standard" with indirect heating, constructed in a way best suited for energy saving. This drier is truly multi-purpose, as it allows for conditioning of a wide variety of farm crops including food, seed and fodder grains, cereal, oil and grain legume crops.

The elevator is accredited for grain intervention stock storage and is currently storing 6,330 tons of state-owned grain crops.

Production site location:

21, Solovyeva St
Krasnyi Oktyabr industrical community
Kargapolskiy District
Kurgan Region, Russia

Kossobrodsk railway station (code 82810)
South Urals railway