About us

IE (individual entrepreneur) Oleg Anatolyevich Koltashov is currently among Kurgan region top businesses involved in grain and oil crop storage, conditioning, sale and purchase.

The entrepreneur owns a dynamically developing complex comprised of three grain elevators and a grain reception site with up to 170,000 tons of grain and oil crop total storage capacity, as well as own railway rolling stock in the amount of 145 grain carriages of the 19-6870 brand. Oleg Koltashov's business aims at refining its services to become the best in its field focusing on business partners' values and demands, inspired by employees' proficiency and potential.

IE Koltashov O.A. is looking to cooperate with grain and oil crop agricultural producers. Pricing flexibility and customized approach are guaranteed to each of our clients in order to gain mutual benefits and accomplish our goals.